LOMS is DealStation’s new facility which allows clients to submit sell/buy orders that will track a certain level of the exchange rate on the foreign exchange market. Once the respective level of exchange rate is reached, the transaction will be submitted for trading with no need for the client to take further action.

An order can be activated once it is submitted or at a later time that day. The maximum validity of an order starts from the activation moment until the end of the trading day (16:30).

LOMS facility comes to strengthen the benefits DealStation offers to its clients: transparency in pricing, speed in trading, trading history, advisory and security of information.

The submission of an order is simple and fast, data completion process lasting only a few seconds. All orders are saved in the system’s database and can be viewed anytime after the activation. LMOS server guarantees the privacy and security of information exchanged between the client and the bank, same as for regular FXtransactions.