The interests charged are those set forth in the ordinance.

The “First Home” program will not lower interests significantly, said Munteanu, unless interests for deposits reduce and Romania's risk perception improves.

Munteanu said he does not expect the “First House” program to have an impact over credit costs in general, but can contribute to reduce house stocks, prompting a gradual advance in apartment constructions for the middle class. He added it was important that the final reading of the program to stimulate new apartment sales or starting new constructions.

Premier Emil Boc explained on June 14 the government will impose banks some conditions related to the margins practiced, so that banks granting mortgage loans under “First Home” program can apply a margin of maximum 4 percent per year over the EURIBOR interest rate at 3 months for credits in euros and a margin of 2.5 percent the most over the ROBOR rate at 3 months for credits in lei.