Romanian leu holds firm at mid session

The benchmark exchange rate announced today by the National Bank of Romania stands at 4.2196 lei per euro, 0.21 percent below yesterday's quota, due to the regional bullish trend and the payment of taxes by July 25, which increased the demand for lei, NewsIn informs.

The central bank posted yesterday a benchmark exchange rate of 4.2284 lei per euro.

“The leu swayed within a tight band, tending to go up. The money market is somewhat agitated and interests are inching above the key interest rate, as there is a high demand for lei,” explained a dealer.

The leu rose today from 4.2275 to 4.2190 per euro, returned to 4.22 later on and at 14:40 banks were buying an euro for 4.2195 lei and selling it for 4.2245 lei.

The Polish zloty wavered between 4.5030 and 4.5371 versus the euro and the Hungarian forint moved from 278.60 to 276.31 per euro.

The leu lost 0.94 percent versus the U.S. dollar at BNR's reference exchange rate, from yesterday's 2.9968 to 3.0249 lei per dollar.

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