Lending in Romania slips for the third successive month

Crediting in Romania clutched annual advance at 15.9 percent in May, retail and business loans amounting to 199.08 billion lei, about 0.7 percent down versus the previous month, data from the National Bank of Romania show, NewsIn informs.

In April, lending dropped 1 percent versus March to 200.55 billion lei. Compared to the 206.89 billion lei peak in February, lending decreased by 7.8 billion lei in three months.

In real terms, loans granted to people and companies lowered 0.7 percent in May versus April and rose 9.3 percent over May 2008, according to BNR.

Loans in lei dropped by 0.8 percent in real terms versus April to 81.93 billion lei, while the annual advance stood at 4.5 percent in May.

Retail and business credits in foreign currency decreased 0.7 percent in nominal terms in May to 117.15 billion lei. They rose 25.4 percent year-on-year when expressed in lei 8.7 percent when expressed in euro.

Retail loans in local currency idled at 40.03 billion lei last month, while business loans reduced 1.6 percent to 41.89 billion lei. The yearly advance lowered on both sides, to 7.2 percent for consumer credits and to 2.1 percent for corporate loans.

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