BCR set the highest margin for the project of all the 20 banks that handed in offers yesterday. It stands at 450 million lei and the maximum indebtedness degree accepted by the lender is of 60 percent, with an interest of 3.8 percent plus the EURIBOR rate. Thus, for a 50,000 euros loan clients would pay an annual interest of 5.07 percent, a granting commission of 250 euros and an annual percentage rate (ARP) of 5.24 percent. The maximum period for the loans under first home program is of 30 years.

A quarter of the amount allotted by the bank will be reserved for houses under construction. Moreover, the bank allots a maximum 57,000 euros with a 5 percent down payment . If the house costs more than 60,000 euros, the advance payment will be calculated as the deduction between the house price and the value of the credit. Clients will also have to pay a commission for the guaranteeing fund (FNGCIMM) of 0.37 percent a year.