The number of residential construction permits in May this year stood at 4,475, 64.1% of which being for the rural area, roughly at the same level as a month earlier.

The statistics show a growing trend in number of building permits issued for residential buildings in almost all development areas, the most important being recorded in Bucharest-Ilfov (+175 permits), North-East (+95 permits) and South-Muntenia (+87 permits).

In South-West Oltenia and West areas, the number of issued building permits declined.

Compared to a prior-year period, 1,816 less residential permits were issued in May 2009. The biggest declines were recorded in South-Muntenia (-334 permits), Bucharest-Ilfov (-264 permits) and North-West (-255 permits).

19,117 residential building permits were issued in first five months this year, down 17.8% from a year earlier. The biggest declines were observed in Bucharest-Ilfov (-1301 permits), Center (-636 permits) and South-Muntenia (-590 permits).