Tatomir, Microsoft: We had a 10-15% decline in operations in FY 2009

Microsoft, the local subsidiary of the largest software giant said its operations dropped 10-15% in fiscal year 2009 ending in July 3, according to Calin Tatomir, general manager Microsoft Romania.
Tatomir said although he had expected a turnaround this year, he remained reluctant on further forecasts as it heavily depends upon the global economic context as well as the political situation in Romania.

“We depend heavily upon the global economic conditions and political environment in Romania, which may improve or hamper prospects for a positive development. Romanian economy is like a ship sailed at high speed amid thick fog when you never know what would collide with or for how long will it stay afloat. This is why I would prefer not to make any predictions related to GDP and budget deficit. To businessmen, it is important to stay focused on the field they operate”, said Calin Tatomir.

Microsoft’s objectives for the next year include a retention and increase in market share as well as launching new cost-reduction solutions to help cash-strapped clients affected by the financial crisis.

“Microsoft Romania is no exception from the other Microsoft’s subsidiaries across the world. At a group-wide level, we focus on the market share, an essential objective amid economic turmoil. For Windows, the market share stands at 90% worldwide, but in Romania we cannot make any accurate estimation as we are facing a fierce enemy – piracy. As of this year, we try to focus on client-oriented saving solutions. For example Microsoft Romania proposes a unified communication solution which reduced our travelling expenses by 40%”, Tatomir added.

“There have been many Microsoft products we haven’t focused or which we didn’t promote, as there was a “babel of Romanian economy”. There have been Microsoft products designed to save costs and from this perspective I think the focus for the remainder of the year will be in professional saving solutions”.

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