Top 10 stock brokerage firms in first half

In first six months, the Bucharest Stock Exchange was marked by a dried up liquidity, while the transaction values brokered by the specialized companies have even halved in some cases.
10. BRD Groupe Societe Generale

BRD GSG intermediated transactions worth 191.81 million lei in first half of the year, and holds a market share of 3.55% at the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

In the prior-year half, BRD’s transaction value at the stock market was 124 million lei and was ranked 24th at year-end.

9. Tradeville

Tradeville, (the new Vanguard) recorded 192.67 million lei in brokerage transactions in first six months of the year, 45% down from a year earlier.

In June, the brokerage firm was ranked 7th, with total value of transactions of 40.72 million lei, down 13% from May.

8. IFB Finvest

The brokerage firm from Arad brokered trades worth an aggregated value of 220.4 million lei in first half, taking up the eighth spot in the annual ranking.

In June, IFB Invest recorded a flow of 33.94million lei, down 36% from a year earlier, standing on the 11th position in the monthly ranking.

7. Carpatica Invest

Financial investment service company (SSIF) Carpatica Invest ranks seventh in the annual top, with total value of brokerage transactions of 227.92 million lei in first half.

In June, the Sibiu-based broker recorded flows of 38.25 million lei, down 33% from 57.79 million in May. In the monthly ranking, Carpatica Invest is at the seventh position.

6. Unicredit CAIB Securities Romania

The brokerage division of UniCredit bank recorded a value of brokerage transactions of 236.15 million lei and takes the sixth spot in the annual ranking.

In a month earlier, UniCredit CAIB Securities reached flows of 29.8 million lei, 42.7% down compared to May. In the monthly ranking, the brokerage firm stands at number 13.

5. EFG Eurobank Securities

The registered representative of Greek-based EFG Eurobank, majority owner of Bancpost, registered brokerage transactions worth 311.76 million lei in first half and grabs a market share of 5.77% at Bucharest Stock Exchange.

EFG Eurobank’s Securities bought and sold securities for 45.58 million lei, down 19% from a month earlier, and is listed as sixth in the monthly hierarchy.

4. Raiffeisen Capital&Investment

Raiffeisen’s stockbroking arm acted as agent for transactions worth 343.95 million lei in first quarter and has a market share of 6.36%.

In June, Raiffeisen Capital&Investment took the pole position at the monthly ranking, with 67.38 million lei worth brokerage trades, up 14% from May.

3. ING Bank

ING Bank had brokerage transactions worth 415.61 million lei in first six months of the year and ranks third in the annual scale.

As for the monthly list, ING is on the second position with flows of 67.12 million lei, 35% down from 104.1 million lei in May.

2. BT Securities

Stock brokerage division of Banca Transilvania, BT Securities intermediated stock trades at Bucharest Stock Exchange worth 460 million lei and holds a market share of 8.51% of the BSE’s flow.

In June, BT Securities stood at fourth position with transactions worth 61.83 million lei, down 24%.

1. KBC Securities

Brokerage firm KBC Securities continues to dominate the hierarchy of stock brokers at BSE, with transaction value of 460.3 million lei in first half and a market share of 8.52%.

In June, KBC mediated transactions worth 54.61 million lei, 50% down from May. In the monthly ranking, the brokerage house stands at no 5.

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