Turnover of Saabĺs dealer down 30% in first quarter

Augusta Motors, official dealer of Saab in Romania, said its turnover slumped 30.4% in first quarter 2009 year-on-year to 2.461 million lei, according to the managing director of the company, Horatiu Ionescu.
“In our view, 2007 was a better year compared to 2008 and 2009. In 2007, our turnover stood at 17,623,971, and in 2008 it fell 9.5% to 15,948,767 lei”, said the managing director of Augusta Motors.

The dealer’s target for 2009 is to contain the turnover in the last year’s range. “For the moment, in the context of an ailing car industry, a portion of 60-70% is given by car sales adjacent businesses”, said Horatiu Ionescu.

As for the company’s investments strategy, all projects started in 2008 were brought to a halt. “In 2008, Augusta Motors launched several projects, such as the construction of a plate shop and a paint-facility, but under current market conditions, this project is on hold”.

The construction, which will be located in the same area as the service station, is aimed at simplifying the car repair procedures and at meeting our client’s needs by offering our wide range of services”, managing director of Augusta Motors added.

The European-wide statistics showing that 90% of Saab’s clients come from the business area apply in Romania as well, he continued.

The best sold Saab model in Romania is Saab 9-3, in its SportSedan, SportCombi and Convertible versions.

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