Dacia expects 300,000 car production output this year

Dacia carmaker said it expected to deliver 300,000 cars this year, up 23% from 242,415 cars a year earlier.
“For this year we expect the production output to stay in the range of 300,000 cars”, said the managing director of Automobile Dacia, Francois Fourmont, at the event that marked ten-year anniversary since the acquisition of Dacia by France’s Renault.

In 2008, Dacia exported 172,886 cars. The company produced 242,385 cars and delivered 257,854 cars.

The chairman of Dacia board, Jacques Chauvet said that the sales of Dacia cars to Western Europe climb by two digits, while the overall car sales fall by two-digits.

Chauvet added that Dacia car lineup to be enhanced with a minivan and medium-class premium sedan. The representative of the car maker added that the manufacturer could launch a new 1.6 liter 133HP Logan.

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