In the wake of financial crisis, automakers raced to cut prices, and increased the range of offers, but the sales continued to go down by as much as 50% in some cases on a yearly basis. The best sold cars in Romania in first five months are Dacia Logan (10,782 cars), Renault Clio (2,492 units), Kia Cee’d (2,191), Hyundai Accent (1,585), VW Golf (1,464), Ford Focus (1.399), Skoda Octavia (1, 382).
Dacia Logan

Dacia’s Logan model manufactured in Pitesti is the best sold car in Romania, with 51,149 units delivered in 2008 and 10,782 cars in the first five months this year (down 55.9%).

Dacia Logan facelift 1.4 MPI 75HP was priced at 6,400 euros in June 2008 for Ambiance trim level. Currently, the price of the sedan version remained unchanged, but the carmaker added one new model in its Logan lineup, priced at 5,900 euros.

“The prices for Dacia Logan and Logan MCV have not changed since end-2007. Similarly, the price for a Sandero (launched last year in June) remained at the same level. However, new versions appeared – the basic version of Logan, priced at 5,900 euros (4,995 euros if bought through the car scrappage scheme), and Dacia Avantaj offer which doubles the value of the car scrappage incentive. A Logan Ambiance costs 6,400 euros (same as in October 2007), as the model underwent a facelift and received ABS system as standard while the warranty was extended to 3 years”, Dacia representatives said.

Renault Clio

Renault Clio is the best sold import car in Romania, with 11,328 units delivered last year and 4,332 units in the first five months of 2009 (down 48.6%).

Renault Clio was priced at 10.199 euros in June 2008 for its Clio Authentique 1.2 liters 75 HP trim level.

In 2009, the price of the model increased slightly as the new Clio was launched, hence Authentique 1.2liters 16V 75 HP is priced at 10,700 euros.

KIA Cee’d

KIA Cee’d received a 500 euro discount for the best sold model with 1.4liters petrol engine and 109 HP, Best version.

“If we refer to the best sold version of KIA Cee’d (5DR 1.4 GSL Best), its price was 11,854 euros in June 2008 and now it’s 11.259 euros. We offered 500 euro discount for this version”, Kia Romauto, official dealer of Korean carmaker said.

Some 7,615 KIA Cee’d models were sold in 2008, and 2,191 delivered in first five months of 2009 (down 27.6%).

VW Golf VI

Volkswagen Golf VI, model shipped in Romania in November 2008 takes up the fourth position in the best sold import cars in Romania, with 1,464 units sold in first five months.

Porsche Romania, official dealer of VW brand in Romanian car market was selling VW Golf 1.4 petrol 80HP in June 2008 at 13,668 euros , without ESP system as standard.

Currently, the new Gold VI 1.4 liters, 80HP on petrol is priced at 14,060 euros, with ESP system as standard.

Around 4,897 VW Golf cars were sold last year, and 1,464 in first five months (down 24.5%).

Ford Focus

Ford Focus, model launched in March 2008 in Romania, is the seventh best sold import cars in Romania, with 1,399 units sold this year.

In June 2008, Ford Focus was priced at 10.750 euros through the promotion campaign of Romcar. Currently, the car costs 10.600 euros via the car scrappage scheme.

Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia facelift was launched in November 2008 in Romania, after being unveiled at Paris Auto Show, with five versions on petrol and three on diesel, as well as the new turbocharged 1.4 TSI engine that develops 122 HP.

Octavia was priced at 15,305 euros in June 2008 for Trend version 1.6 MPI, 102 HP. Currently, Skoda Octavia facelift costs 14,474 euros for Drive version.

Note: All prices include VAT

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