The investment in brand positioning process in Romania will amount to 2 million euros spread over the next three years.

“We plan to position our product in Romania side by side with the large existent brands. We aim at bringing the product in 15,000 stores across the country in the first year. RC’s competitive edge consists in the fact that the drink has the same quality and taste as in all the 60 countries we operate, at prices 10-15% below Coke and Pepsi in Romania”, said Francis Lamprea, general manager RC Cola International.

RC Cola was launched in United States in 1905 and grew on a global scale since. For the time being, nine new soft drink brands are in the company’s portfolio. RC’s portfolio includes diet cola, as well as non-cola drinks, such as Kick or Upper10.

“In Romania, we will focus on RC Cola brand, following to develop our portfolio in other soft drink segments”, Francis Lamprea added.

RC Cola will be distributed in Romania through GoodBev, that currently develops in Romania brands such as energy drink Boost Energy in UK and Jaffa Juice.

Royal Crown Cola’s global competitors are Coca-Cola and Pepsi.