In view of the current economic crisis, car dealers come up with various solutions to get shoppers to once again reconsider the purchase of a new car. Therefore, AutoItalia Group introduced a new program, Fiat 50, where the buyer pays 50% of the total car price at the delivery date, and the remaining half due to be paid within 18 months, until 2011.
“In view of the current economic conditions and existent financial difficulties, AutoItalia Group and Impuls Leasing introduced a new financing program for all shoppers interested in buying a new car, which enables the buyer of paying the full amount for the car in 2011, after a grace period of 18 months. On due date in 2011, the buyer can opt for full-payment of the remaining half or a two-year deferral”, said the representative of the car dealer that imports Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Ssang Yong, Infiniti, Maserati and Segway car brands in Romania.

Under the new program, the clients will pay a down payment of 50% and a leasing fee of 4% at the delivery date, followed by a two-year payment holiday, namely in 2009 and 2010. For a one year and a half, regardless to the fluctuation of the buyer’s revenues, the client can pause repayments and benefits of the time and freedom to decide on the final means of paying the remaining amount.

All natural persons are eligible for the program, regardless to their incomes. The offer is valid until the end of August at the company’s entire network. The full Fiat model-range is included in the offer, which makes the minimum initial amount to be paid for a car to stand in the range of 3,500 euros (for a Fiat Panda).

AutoItalia has recently opened two new integrated sales and service centers in Focsani and Iasi, with 7 million euro investment made by its partners Auto Tivoli and Auto Padova.

Since June 2009, AutoItalia Group is also the official dealer of the Japan’s premium car brand Infiniti.

The company has 35 showrooms across the country, and by yearend, it will reach 38 sales and service centers.

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