Romanian leu stays close to yesterday's rates

Romanian national currency, the leu, waved near the benchmark exchange rate settled by the National Bank of Romania at 4.2100 lei per euro today, up 0.03 percent compared to the previous session, on a market with a low volatility, which followed the regional flow, NewsIn informs.

NBR posted a benchmark exchange rate of 4.2114 lei per euro yesterday.

The leu was traded for 4.2055 lei per euro in the early trades, but then dipped to 4.2143. It started to gain ground soon after noon and at 1:30 p.m. banks were buying a euro with 4.21 lei and selling it for 4.2143 lei.

In the region, the zloty depreciated to 4.3860 over the euro in the first part of the day and then climbed constantly to 4.3628, while the forint lost to 274.76 versus the European currency and then recovered to 272.22.

NBR’s benchmark exchange rate for the U.S. dollar lowered 0.4 percent over the previous session to 3.0135 lei per dollar, from 3.0263 yesterday.

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