Romania state revenues drop 6.42% in H1, to lei 67.5bn

The state revenues reported by the National Agency for Fiscal Administration ANAF in the first half of the year amounted to 67.5 billion lei, down 6.42 from prior-year period, as an effect of the financial crisis, NewsIn informs.
State revenues stood 2 percent below the Finance Minustry’s projection (MFP).

ANAF reported revenues of 72.14 billion lei in the first half of 2008.

According to the institution, the state revenues collected in the first half were 5 percent higher than those achieved, respectively 71.18 billion lei.

Revenues to the state budget dropped by almost 10%

Collections to the state budget were 9.89 percent smaller than in the first half of 2008, amounting to 41.73 billion lei. The only components to record hikes on the first semester last year were the income tax, with a plus of 8.95 percent (9.4 billion lei) and the excises with an advance of 7.86 percent (6.8 billion lei).

On the other hand, the income tax totaled almost 6 billion lei (representing 91.95 percent of the value registered in prior half), the value added tax (VAT) amounted to 17.05 billion lei (15.66 percent less than in the first half last year) and custom taxes summed up to 313.98 million lei (making for an annual 34.35 percent decrease).

Revenues to the social security budget hiked 12.26 percent in the period to 18.4 billion lei while collections to the unemployment budget were around 33 percent smaller than in the mentioned period. Revenues to the single national health insurance fund diminished 5.27 percent to 7.38 billion lei.

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