BRD grants first loan under ĹFirst Homeĺ scheme

BRD has disbursed today the first loan under “First Home” scheme, of 51,500 euros, and the Ministry of Finance hopes this program will spur lending activity and construction sector, announcing he expects that 25% of the loan applications to be for new homes.
The loan granted by BRD under “First Home” scheme is 51,500 euros has an annual percentage rate (APR) of 5.6% spread over thirty years, and a monthly installment of 300 euros. The young couple will use the loan to buy a two-room apartment in Colentina area in Bucharest.

The borrowers had already submitted their application for a home loan, and the National Fund for Credit Guarantee (FNGCIMM) gave green light to the initiation of First Home program.

The first-time home buyers paid 3,000 euros in advance to the former owners of the apartment, thus the value of the house stands at 54,500 euros. The bank set up the mortgage and charges no fee for granting the loan or for lump-sum payment.

“This program is aimed at satisfying a social component on one hand and to stimulate lending and construction on the other hand”, said the minister of public finance, Gheorghe Pogea.

The persons interested in contracting a loan under the scheme has three available variants to choose – building a new home, acquisition of an unfinished dwelling, or the acquisition of an already built home, for which the buyer must pay 3,000 euros in advance.

“So far, BRD is the sole bank to sign the agreement with FNGCIMM, Alpha Bank following to sign on Wednesday. We’ve talked to Leumi Bank, Banca Romaneasca, Bancpost, BCR, but it depends on when they decide to send the documentation”, said the chairman of FNGCIMM, Aurel Saramet.

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