Boc: First Home scheme meets EU standards

The scheme that allows the government to grant aid in the form of subsidized guarantees for home loans, as they are stipulated in the state budget bill, meet the standards imposed by the European Union, said Emil Boc, prime minister of Romania.

European Commission (EC) has contacted Romanian authorities regarding the financing scheme “First Home” in order to investigate its compliance with EU’s competition regulations, said EC’s spokesman Jonathan Todd.

“The commission is in contact with the Romanian authorities, requesting additional information”, said the spokesperson of European Commission for competition.

If the program doesn't meet EU’s competition and state aid standards, the Commission may initiate the infringement procedure and submit the case to European Court of Justice which may impose financial sanctions to Romania.

Prime Minister Emil Boc and minister of finance Gheorghe Pogea attended yesterday the conclusion of the first loan contract under “First Home” program, at BRD.

The loan granted by BRD under First Home scheme is 51,500 euros, at an annual percentage rate of 5.6 percentage points spread over 30 years, and a monthly rate of 300 euros.

The young couple who contracted the loan will use it to buy a two-room apartment in Colentina area in Bucharest. They paid 3,000 euros in advance to the owners of the apartment, therefore, the value of the home loan is 54,500 euros.

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