Garanti Bank: 20,000 online banking users

Garanti Online, the internet banking service of Garanti Bank, reported its customer base reached 20,000 year-to-date, fourfold higher than end-2008.

Garanti Online banking platform was launched in October 2007 initially designed to natural persons, and later in May 2008 extend to the legal persons.

By employing this service, the customers can transfer money to other bank accounts in any currency, conduct payments to Treasury, exchange currency, open and close up to 7 current accounts in lei and foreign currency. This service enables customers to access and manage debit and credit card transactions, payment of the rate afferent to credit card, change of cards’ PIN code as well as the transfer of the same PIN code to a number of different cards without going to the bank.

In first half this year, Garanti Bank improved the service by adding new options which allow users to make interbank payments in foreign exchange of up to 100,000 euros and exchange currency at preferred rates. As of this year, the companies can use the new electronic solution to handle their payroll, called “payroll cards”.

The number of transactions conducted via Garanti Online platform in first half doubled from end-last year, up to 50,000, one of five Garanti Bank clients using the electronic solutions to manage their funds.

Garanti Bank is the local subsidiary of Amsterdam-based Garanti bank International NV, fully owned by Garanti based in Turkey. In Romania, Garanti Bank has 49 branches across the country, 19 of which in Bucharest.

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