Dacia' sales in Europe go onto the fast lane

Dacia sold 117,131 cars in European markets in first half this year, up 28.6% than prior-year period, according to French Automobile Manufacturers Association that uses statistics of ACEA.

European wide, Dacia car maker grabbed 1.6% market share in first half, up 45% from H1 2008.

In June, Dacia sold 27,144 cars in Europe, 58.2% more than a year earlier.

Dacia’s market share in Europe stood at 1.9% last month, versus 1.2% in June 2008.

According to French Automobile Manufacturers Association that uses data from European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, Dacia is the only car brand whose sales grew as such pace in the first half year-on-year, as only three car manufacturers recorded an increase: Hyundai (15.7%), Alfa Romeo (10.4%), and Volkswagen (0.2%).

The new car sales rose 2.4% in Europe in June, helped by the incentive offered by the national car scrappage schemes, thus marking the first growth in 14 months, according to ACEA, Reuters informs.

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