Tymbark opens its largest manufacturing facility in Valenii de Munte, Romania

Tymbark Maspex Romania, one of the largest nectars and soft drinks bottler and manufacturer of instant hot chocolate La Festa, opened in Valenii de Munte, Romania, the largest manufacturing facility of the group in the region, which required a total investment of over 30 million euros.

The facility has a gross surface of 65,000 sqm, and comprises a manufacturing unit, storage space for raw materials and bottled products as well as office space.

This is the third project developed by Tymbark in Romania, which the company expects to contribute to a 20% increase in turnover for this year.

The new facility is thus boosting Tymbark Maspex’s total production surface by 110% and total storage space by almost 160%.

Since its entry in Romanian market, the juice producer has invested around 70 million euros so far and created 700 jobs.

In first half, the company recorded a 13.9% increase in revenues, up to 121 million lei.

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