In the struggling local car industry, Dacia sold 23,158 cars of which 21,542 passenger cars and 1,616 utility vehicles. Although the results show a 49.5% decline from first quarter 2008, the figures keep Dacia in the leading positions in Romania.

The carmaker’s market share, which is nearing 30%, is in slight increase compared to the same period of last year. Dacia was the only auto maker to use all quotas allotted in the fleet renewal scheme, initiated by the Romanian government.

Year to date, Dacia had ran a series of improvements to its lineup, the launch of a new petrol 1.2 16V 75HP engine in its Sandero model and Logan Sedan, as well as the unveilment of Sandero Stepway, now available in Romania. Another novelty in Dacia car range is the introduction of LP Gas Sandero, designed to foreign markets.

Dacia exported 130,668 vehicles, 60.4% more than year-ago half.

With 95,667 registrations, Western Europe is the top destination of Dacia’s exports.

In addition, Dacia is the car brand that had the fastest growth pace of sales in west-European market in first half 2009 (+99.8%).