Blue Air adds new flight from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca

Aviation company Blue Air will introduced as of July 22 a new short-haul flight that connects Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca and will be operated five times a week, the company said.

“This summer only, Blue Air has added 20 new routes, in an effort to meet the mobility needs of passengers who are unable to reach Cluj Napoca under proper conditions by car due to poor infrastructure. A simple calculation shows that a car ride would cost us 61 euros and would last approximately five hours, while by plane, the costs would be around 48 hours and would last almost an hour”, said Adrian Ionascu, managing director, Blue Air.

The fares for Bucharest-Cluj route starts at 171 lei/segment, all fees included.

The carrier is operating as of July 15 flights from Cluj Napoca to additional three destinations, Suceava and two external destinations: Cluj - Venice, (via Suceava) and Cluj – Vienna (via Suceava). The introduction of new routes and increase in flight frequency is due to a boost in Blue Air’s aircraft fleet.

Blue Air has a 100% private Romanian capital. The company is authorized to operate long-haul and short-haul passenger, charter, freight and on-demand flights. The carrier’s fleet is made up of eight Boeing 737, three aircrafts within 737-300 lineup, two 737-400 and three 737-800 Next Generation (with 189 seats). The company signed in 2008 contracts for the acquisition of five Boeing 737 Next Generation aircrafts to serve Blue Air routes.

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