Bere Azuga’s current share capital is 13.4 million lei.

The company will seek approval for the move at a shareholders’ meeting on August25. Subsequently, the brewer will issue 5.12 million shares at a nominal value of 2.50 lei and a share issue premium of 5.50 lei/unit.

Ursus Breweries is currently running a public takeover offer by which it plans to acquire the remaining 29.4% equity of Bere Azuga, offering to minority investors 12.64 million lei.

Ursus Breweries, local subsidiary of SABMiller plans to buy the 1.58 million Bere Azuga shares at a price of 8 lei/share, after its previous buyout of 70.56% equity on Rasdaq market for 7.15 million euros.

The public takeover offer started on June 24 and will end today, deal brokered by Raiffeisen Capital & Investment.