“The new loan will be easily granted. The acquired dwelling can be every house where the clients want to live, not necessarily their first home. This loan offer supports the initiative and the notable efforts of the Government destined to revive real estate industry”, said the director of ING’s retail line Albert Roggemans.

For loans under “First Home” scheme, the interests charged by the banks are set at three-month EURIBOR plus 4pps for loans in euro, and three-month ROBOR plus 2.5pps for loans in lei.

Within the “First Home” scheme, 20 banks have submitted their offers: BCR, BRD-SocGen, Raiffeisen Bank, CEC Bank, Alpha Bank, Volksbank, Banca Transilvania, Bancpost, Banca Romaneasca, Piraeus Bank, Bank Leumi, ATEbank, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Credit Europe Bank, OTP Bank, Unicredit Tiriac Bank, ING Bank, Emporiki, Millennium Bank and Garanti Bank, the majority of them already having signed the convention with FNCGIMM.

The statutory ceiling for loans under “First Home” scheme is one billion euros.

Prime Minister Emil Boc met the banks that refused to agree with the convention in order to clarify a series of provisions set forth by the law.

Banks involved in “First Home” scheme will sign later this week a new convention with FNGCIMM, where the legal procedures of executing the guarantee will be drawn.