According to the conclusions of Trayport’s latter visit at Sibex, new technical features for the electronic trading solution should be added, taking into account the requests and propositions from the stock market in order to tailor Global Vision as to meet the features of the products in the pipeline.

“We have achieved all our objectives – real-time client and clearing application, and modifications on Sibex demand are pending for completion by Trayport. We believe the process may take two additional months”, said Teodor Ancuta (photo).

After the delivery of Global Vision trading technology, Sibex will offer in-house developed client applications to brokers.

“At first, we negotiated with a company in Canada for the introduction of a new trading platform, but the execution deadline would have been September and the price was 350,000 euros, and we relinquished the project”, said Ancuta.

Four FICs, BRD TLV and SNP will have CFDs at SIBEX

Futures contracts as well as other stock options, currencies or indices will be able for trading at Sibex. The new technology will also enable the trading of CFDs or state securities.

Sibiu Monetary Financial and Commodities Exchange has received the green light from Romanian National Securities Commission for the launch of contracts for difference, on May 26.