MyAir has 1.3 million in debt to Baneasa Airport

Low-fare aviation company MyAir owes around 1.3 million euros worth of debt to Baneasa Airport, representing fees and airport services, according to the managing director of Baneasa, George Mihalcea.
“MyAir has accumulated a heavy debt burden since 2008 to Baneasa Airport. The debt load for 2008 stand at 700,000 euros, and this year, no taxes and services offered by the airbase of 600,000 euros have been paid. The Italian low-cost carrier has now 1.3 million euros in debt”, said George Mihalcea.

He added that it was hard to believe that the debt issue could be solved, especially as MyAir is not the only aviation company owing money to Baneasa Airport.

“I am trying to keep control of a point that we shouldn’t have reached. It is hard to say whether the debt problem could be sold, given the previous debts of other low-cost carriers. The latter case is Sky Europe that slid into bankruptcy and accumulated a debt of around 500,000 euros”, said Mihalcea.

The managing director of Baneasa Airport said he would meet tomorrow with the representatives of a law firm, following to reach a decision on what should be done to collect debts.

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