Adrian Mirsanu leaves Business Standard daily

The editor-in-chief of Business Standard daily said it would leave the newspaper published by Realitatea-Catavencu, effective as of August 23. The former director of business publication Division of the group will fill the post.
“I didn’t resign. I only put an end to my collaboration with Business Standard and left Realitatea – Catavencu media group. The reasons underlying my departure will be commented by the representatives of the group”, Adrian Mirsanu told Wall-Street.

In a first stage, Mirsanu will take a leave, following to announce what career opportunities he would pursue further.

The post will be filled by Andreea Rosca, manager of Business Standard and Money Express, according to an in-house e-mail. “The primary strategy lines consist in a more solid presence in current events, a critical approach to daily events, as well as an increased focus to our readers’ needs”, according to the e-mail.

Adrian Mirsanu was the paper’s first editor since Business Standard began publishing in 2007.

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