Founder of Proton to invest 5 mn euro in Asian stock markets

Gabriel Sandu (34) founder and former managing director of mobile phone retailer GSM Proton, acquired last year by Vodafone Romania, said he planned to invest five million euros in Asian stock markets.

His main targets are China and infrastructure field.

“In Romania, the economy could contract by 8% and if I invested here I would most likely lose the money. However, in Asia, the markets are seeing 5% growth so the odds of good returns are favorable, even under current economic conditions. And when the global recovery takes hold, the returns will be higher accordingly”, Sandu told Wall-Street.

He plans to start investing as soon as this month, and for the moment, the former leader of GSM Proton is scanning the environment for any profit-making opportunity.

Until November 1, Sandu will ensure the transition period for Adrian Florea, the newly appointed managing director of the retailer, effective as of July 21.

The new manager appointed by Vodafone Romania served over the past year and a half as marketing director Natural Person Client Service department at the mobile telecommunication company.

In March last year, when the retailer was Orange’s partner, Vodafone Romania acquired 66% equity held by Sandu, and subsequently one of the core objectives was the expansion of 73 Proton store chain. However, the number of stores remained unchanged.

“We have made this proposal, but Vodafone disagreed with the opening of new stores, without giving any clear reason,” said Gabriel Sandu.

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