The lending ceiling the bank has allocated for loans under the scheme is of 68.45 million euros, and the bank says it will be exhausted.

“Banca Romaneasca supports the project initiated by the Romanian government, by offering to its potential clients a mortgage loan under advantageous conditions. Considering the interest expressed since the introduction of the First Home scheme, we are convinced that the agreed lending ceiling will exhaust”, Banca Romaneasca said.

The top amount to be borrowed from Banca Romaneasca is 57,000 euros or the equivalent in lei. For a 57,000 euro 30-year loan, the first-time home buyer would pay a monthly rate of 307, the bank said.

For loans under the scheme, the bank does not charge any analysis fee, anticipated repayment fee, monthly administration fee, or management fee.

The potential clients shall be aged between 20 and 70 (at the end of the lending period, the borrower shall not exceed 70 years of age) and not to own any real estate.