Bank Leumi provides lending under First Home scheme

Bank Leumi Romania, fully owned subsidiary of Israeli-based Leumi started to provide lending under First Home scheme, after signing the guarantee convention with the Loan Guarantee Fund (FNGC).
The total value of pending loan applications received by Bank Leumi for credits under First Home scheme amounts to 2.1 million euros.

The bank said the interest is made up of three-month EURIBOR plus 3.95% for euro loans. For a 57,000-euro 30-years loan, the annual percentage rate is 5.43%.

For loans in lei, Bank Leumi charges an interest made up of three-month ROBOR plus 2.45%. For a 240,000 lei loan spread over 30 years, the annual percentage rate is 12.7%. Both examples include the management fee charged on a yearly basis by Guarantee Fund of 0.37%.

Bank Leumi is a fully owned subsidiary of Israeli-based Leumi who announced in September 2008 it would open a branch in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Leumi joined the Romanian banking system in August 2006, by acquiring the majority equity in Eurom Bank from Dutch-based Kolal BV for 34 million dollars.

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