In first six months last year, the company booked a profit of 12.92 million lei.

Rompetrol ‘s sales fell 26.7% in first six months to 34.62 million lei (8.2 mn euros) while revenues dropped 23.3% to 37.1 million lei (8.8 million euros).

The company eliminated 18% of its last year-expenses in first half, currently standing at 27.4 million lei (6.5 million euros).

The company forecasts a profit of 22.27 million lei for full year (5.3 million lei), down slightly from 2008.

The company has a share capital of 27.82 million lei, divided into 278.19 million shares at a nominal value of 0.10 lei. The majority shareholder of the oil company is Rompetrol NV Netherlands that controls 51% equity.

Rompetrol Well Services has market cap of 100.1 million lei (23.6 million euros), according to the last quotation of 0.3 lei/share.