SIF Transilvania sees net profit up 46% y/y in H1

SIF Transilvania, one of the five financial companies at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, reported a net profit of 109.8 million lei in the first six months, a 46 percent boost over the same period of the previous year, after its revenues rose 41 percent, NewsIn informs.
The biggest part of the profit was recorded in the second quarter, when the company posted a net gain of 105.8 million lei, after erasing minority stakes in several companies from its portfolio.

SIF Transilvania booked a net profit of 75.35 million lei in the first half last year.

From January to June, the investment fund collected total revenues of 142.46 million lei, 41 percent up from the 101.09 million lei reported in the similar period of 2008. Expenses climbed 45 percent year-on-year, from 20.55 million lei to 29.78 million lei.

SIF Transilvania’s total assets rose to 1.419 billion lei in the first half, exceeding by 6.35 percent last year's level of 1.33 billion lei.

SIF Transilvania has a share capital of 109.21 million lei, divided into 1.09 billion shares, at a face value of 0.10 lei. Its shares are traded on the first tier of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) under the symbol SIF3.

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