“I announce you that the media group will start preparations for the opening of a new TV channel in Moldova, an operation which will harness all resources in the country, but which will rely on the expertise we have acquired over time. In addition, the group will expand operations in Romania by opening three new local TV broadcasting stations in Iasi, Galati and Constanta”, said Emil Hurezeanu, president of Realitatea-Catavencu group.

Simultaneously the group will begin the switchover to digital television broadcasting at all stations under management.

The development and consolidation of the electronic media (online, TV radio) as well as enhancing and upgrading the professional skills of the staff are on top of the group’s priorities.

“Even if the difficult period the media industry is experiencing did not draw to an end yet, the majority shareholder decided to forge ahead with the investment plan while staying committed to the reorganization of the entire group. The development and consolidation of the electronic media (online, radio, TV) as well as enhancing professional skill level of the group’s human resources will constitute not only the top priorities in the investment plan but also the primary objective of the top management”, said Hurezeanu.