Leu hits four-week low at midday

The benchmark exchange rate posted by the National Bank of Romania rose 0.15 percent to 4.2310 lei per euro, the maximum level of the past four weeks, after the national currency depreciated in line with the region, on high demand of foreign currency on a market with low transactions, NewsIn informs.
NBR last settled such a high level on July 23, when the benchmark exchange rate stood at 4.2325 lei per euro. Yesterday, the central bank established an exchange rate of 4.2246 lei per euro.

The leu dropped starting the opening bell and cheapened to over 4.23 versus the euro. At 1:15 p.m. banks were buying a euro with 4.2282 lei and selling it for 4.2372 lei.

In the region, the zloty slipped from 4.1370 to 4.15 over the euro and the forint inched back from 271 to 272 versus the European currency.

For the U.S. dollar, NBR’s exchange rate lowered 0.68 percent to 2.9747 lei per dollar, from yesterday's 2.9951.

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