New car sales fall 50% year-to-date

New car sales fell 52.5% in the seven months through July, with only 82,821 new cars registered versus 174,414 a year earlier, according to Association of Car Manufacturers and Traders in Romania (APIA).

In July, 12,211 new cars were sold, 58.6% fewer than 29,479 in the same period of last year.

4,538 new domestic cars were sold in July, 49.3% down from a year earlier. In the first seven months in 2009, 26,080 new cars were sold, 52.3% fewer than in prior-year period.

There were 7,673 new import cars sold in July down 62.2% from July 2008. Jan-Jul data show 56,741 new import cars were sold, 52.6% fewer than a year earlier.

The car industry that includes passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses totaled 92,526 units in 2009, down 56.1% from 210,705 in prior-year period.

Dacia is that car manufacturer with the biggest market share in Romania, of 37.2% and a total 4,538 cars sold. Skoda holds 6.2% share (763 cars sold), and Hyundai and Kia hold 6.1% each (748 cars sold and 741 respectively).

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