Romania has won the competition with US, China and Switzerland to organize this year the 18th edition of the Global Forum, thus positioning Bucharest on the world map of Information Society and creating international partnership and cooperation opportunities for stimulating tech industry across the globe.

Global Forum will gather at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest over 300 specialists and political leaders, mayors, multinational company leaders, university professors and different association representatives, well-known consulting and law firms.

This is the first time when the event will take place in an Eastern European country.

Now at its XVII-th edition, Global Forum will approach crisis-related issues, measures to stimulate and reshape the global economy, through the means of IT&C.

The topics on the agenda will include the future of digital media, from local public services to national and paneuropean services, from climate issues to biotechnology, from telemedicine to electronic payments.

Year to date, the event was organized by United States of America, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, UK or Japan. Among the attendees there are expected representatives of Barack Obama Administration, the European Commission, governmental representatives from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Middle East.

"We are honored to be the first east-European host of one of the largest global meetings of Information Society, meeting that gathers representatives of the IT&C industry and government authorities from around the world”, said Gabriel Sandu (photo), Minister of Communication and Information Society.