Total Eurobusiness, that posted turnover of 7 million euros last year, aims at raising sales by 20%in 2009 and at doubling revenues in 2010, by consolidating its presence in high-demand market segments.

TEB is focused on complete cogeneration projects, from energy audit to wholesale of cogeneration machinery and equipment.

TEB’s current objective is to tap new high-demand market segments, such as micro-cogeneration and electricity and biogas production. TEB is also running projects in oil exploration and mining, food and beverage and renewable energy sector.

GED decided to enter this agreement due to the current need for efficient energy use and the privileged position TEB is enjoying in Romania. All estimates indicate a high growth potential of energy companies in Eastern Europe and Romania particularly, due to high energy costs following structural poor efficiency in production, networks, etc. and the EU’s commitment to support energy efficiency projects in Romania.