Local tour operators in the local market have adapted to travelers’ discretionary spending amid recessionary times, and came up with offers and special programs, such as vouchers, based on which clients do shopping at the board of the cruiseliner.

“Compared with another classic travel product, cruises offer the conditions of a five-star hotel and the possibility of visiting a number of places, without having to change accommodation or transport mean”, said Luciana Petrescu.

The majority of the cruisers, over 75%, choose middle/low cost cruises with prices ranging from 600 and 1,500 euros/cruise, transport costs not included.

The most popular places to cruise were Mediteranean, North Sea and Norway’s coastline. Cash-rich travelers preferred Caribbean, North America, and Latin America, South Africa or Indian Ocean. As Luciana Petrescu commented, cruisers’ preferences adapted to their travel budgets.

By year-end, almost 5,000 Romanians are expected to opt for cruises. In 2008, the local cruise market doubled from a year earlier, reaching 3 million euros.