The car left the production line of Dacia car plant on September 3.

In the five years since the manufacturing of first Logan sedan, the vehicle range assembled on X90 platform underwent a constant evolution, reaching five models, available in 27 different versions.

144,931 Sandero (including Sandero Stepway) were produced, 576,887 Logan sedan, 246,869 Logan MCV, 19,897 Logan VAN, and 11,416 Logan Pick Up.

By September 3, 182,372 cars were manufactured. 242,385 cars left the production line in 2008.

Dacia car plant puts out 1,340 vehicles each day. For the time being, over 85% of the facility output is destined to export.

The models of X90 range are manufactured under Dacia brand in Somaca plant in Morocco, and under Renault brand in other seven facilities in Russia, Columbia, India, Iran, Brasil and South Africa.