Thus, the annual growth pace in monthly earnings slowed down to 6.3% from 8.3% in June, but remained above consumer index of 5.06% in July, which means lower buying power of Romanian employees.

Gross average income stood at 1,901 (451 euros) in July 2009, 0.7% above month-ago level.

Compared to October 1990, buying power of average income was 26.3% higher in July 2009.

The highest net salaries in July were recorded in aviation industry - 3,400 lei (806 euros) and the lowest one in woodworking – 807 lei (191 euros).

In July, the net average income increased 17.5% in coking industry and products derived from crude, and by 11-16% in crude and natural gas extraction and adjacent activities.

However, in certain sectors, the net average income fell month-on-month in the period under review, followed activity reduction, and holiday perks granted in June.

In financial intermediation, excepting insurances and pension funds, the net average income stood 14% below month-ago levels.