Wall-Street retains top spot as the most popular online business publication

Online business publication Wall-Street, published by InternetCorp., kept its the top spot for the 12th consecutive month as the most popular Romanian business newspaper website, reaching 662,990 unique visitors.
Wall-Street recorded 662,990 unique visitors in August, 3,507,502 page views and 1,171,641 visits, while Ziarul Financiar website, published by Publimedia International had 612,223 unique visitors, 5,103,156 page views and 1,775,361 visits in the period under review. The newly-launched business portal Money.ro, published by Realitatea-Catavencu media group, took the third spot with 358,713 unique visitors, 1,954,978 page views and 765,483 visits.

“Two factors are important to the success of Wall-Street team. The consolidation of the leadership position as the most popular online business publications was a 12-year long process. Throughout this year we, journalists had many lessons to learn from the current financial crisis, as the market has matured due to the progress of a number of publications”, said Claudiu Vrinceanu, editor-in-chief Wall-Street.ro

Top 10 most popular online publications is completed by Capital.ro (Ringier Romania), that had 331,316 unique users, Bloombiz.ro (Netbridge Development) – 223,467 unique visitors, Doingbusiness.ro(IBP) – 156,299, Financiarul.com (Media Casa Press) – 146,926, Businessmagazin.ro (Publimedia International) – 139,269, Banknews.ro (Andu Punct RO) – 129,075 and SmartFinancial.ro (ARBOinteractive)- 126,279 unique visitors.

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