Public sector furloughs: In October-December

In October-December 2009, public institutions are due to reduce payrolls by 15.5% in average. One of the measures would be a ten-day unpaid leave, 9AM informs.
According to the final-form regulation on the reorganization of public authorities and institutions, public spending cut, backing the business environment and meeting the provisions of the framework agreement with IMF and EC made public by the Government on Sunday, the Chapter III related to the public sector payroll reduction sets forth that “in view of the budget constraints triggered by the economic crisis”, in October-December 2009, the heads of public authorities and institutions, regardless to the financing mean, are compelled to cut payrolls by a monthly 15.5% in average.

According to the final form of the law, the 15.5% cut in public spending can by achieved by applying one of the following measures: up to ten-day leave without pay, regardless to the workers’ position, reducing staff working days, a combination of the two measures or enforcing another one having equivalent effect.

For the military in the national defense system, public order and national security, the unpaid-leave measure is applicable for up to 14 days, according to the law draft.

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