GfK Romania posts first-half sales of 3.9 million euros

Market research company GfK Romania said its first-half sales stood at 16.5 million lei (3.9 million euros) in 2009, approximately the year-ago levels.
GfK Romania recorded its highest growth rate since it entered in the market in 1992. With sales passing the 33 million lei mark (8.96 million euros), the group-wide YoY increase was 95% compared to 2007.

The company’s market share jumped 6% from 2007 to 19.3%. GfK Romania said it’s 2008 net profit stood at 2 million lei (0.54 million euros).

GfK Romania’s client base increased in first six months this year, compared to a year earlier, following the same trend as the demand for complex market research methodologies such as pricing or household panels – that provides additional information on consumer behavior.

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