Ozone-Advent deal under antitrust scrutiny

Competition Council said it was analyzing the antitrust issues raised by the acquisition of Ozone Laboratories’ assets by Advent. The assets under the purchase agreement include both Ozone brand and other drug brands included in Ozone’s portfolio.

“The antitrust regulator is examining the economic concentration operation and whether the competitive effects of the deal comply with the antitrust regulation”, according to a press release remitted by the Competition Council. A decision in this matter is due to be made within 30 days since the notification is deemed effective.

At the end of July, LaborMed, Romania’s one of the largest generic-drug maker, held by Advent, bought Ozone Laboratories’ full product portfolio, including Ozone brand. The portfolio generated 44 million euros in sales in 2008. The size of the deal was not disclosed, but sources closed to the issue said LaborMed paid 20 million euros.

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