Tarom records Europe's lowest load factor

Tarom airline recorded a passenger load factor of 63.9% in July, the lowest level of all European air carrier, according to data provided by the Association of European Airlines.

The decline in load factor was primarily due to 0.3% capacity increase from the same period of last year, while the majority of air carriers reduced their flight capacity.

For the seventh successive month, the national airline reported an 8% decrease in the number of passengers, down to 159,200.

Jan-Jul 2009 Tarom carried 862,900 passengers, 13.1% fewer than the same period of last year.

The overall picture remained depressed, with passenger traffic volume 2.3% below the level of July 2008, which itself was already influenced by the market downturn. Freight traffic fell 16.8%

Tarom carried 14.2% YoY decline in the number of passengers in first quarter 2009, down to 703,700 passengers, according to data made public by the Association of European Airlines.

The local air carrier reported revenues of 404 million dollars in 2008 (288.5 million euros), 10% above year-ago levels. In 2008 Tarom carried 1.98 million passengers.

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