The cosmetics company generated a turnover of 45 million Euros in 2008 and belongs to the investor group Halder since 2006.

In Romania, the hotel cosmetics of the German brand are distributed exclusively via Concept Hotel provider.

ADA Cosmetics’ products are divided into 3 segments in order to meet every hotel category demand: Brand Collection – that includes international premium fragrances (Armani Acqua Di Gio, Chopard, Bvlgari, Lanvin, Bogner), Spa Collection – spa brands specially designed for hotels (Hydro Basics, Laura Hutton, Pure Herbs, Jean D'Arcel, Pure Lavender) and Care Collection – the company’s own personal care brands (Classic, Fusion, Country Garden, Sutton&Foster, Naturals, Derma Fit, KID's, Essential, Aqua Senses, Green Culture).

In 1979 Andreas Dahlmeyer founded the company, and started out offering soap bars for hotels in customer`s corporate design. Today, ADA is operating internationally with more than 300 employees.