The most desirable tech employers: Microsoft, Ericsson, BitDefender and IBM

Microsoft, Ericsson, IBM, Adobe, Alcatel-Lucent and BitDefender are the most desirable employers in the tech industry, according to a survey conducted by BitDefender, local producer of security software.

31% of the 928 surveyed said they were looking for a job , and 13.7% of the respondents said they preferred a job in the tech industry (software), followed by non-tech fields such as sales and accounting, the survey conducted between July 29 and August 26 found.

Almost half of the respondents say they go into the company’s website for employment opportunities, while 17% go to family and friends, 10% read forums and blogs, 13.2% go to job fairs, while 3.2% of the respondents say the apply for a job on recruitment sites.

The most important factors in choosing a job are salary benefits, professional development opportunities, work schedule, contribution to an important project and a dynamic and young team.

On the other hand, respondents said that working in a multinational company was nearly a disadvantage.

Local security software maker, BitDifender said earlier this year it planned to increase workforce by 5-10%.

The survey conducted in Romania had 928 respondents, 52.7% of which women and 47.5% men aged between: 16 and 25 – 58.7%, 26 and 35 – 25.8% and 36 and 45 – 10%.

The majority of the respondents come from Bucharest – 25.8%, Constanta – 5.2%, Galati – 4.5% and Cluj – 4%.

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