Albert Roggemans to step down from ING Romania

Albert Roggemans, deputy chief executive of ING Bank’s Romanian retail banking business will step down in November to take up its former role in the Belgian subsidiary of the Dutch-based bank. He joined ING Bank Romania in 2006 and got off the ground the retail banking division.

Roggemans, the head of Retail Banking department of ING Bank Romania said he was leaving for personal reasons and added that until now, no successor had been named yet, but it was likely to be an expat.

Albert Roggemans (60) born in Belgium, joined ING group 36 years ago and has an extensive 20-years experience in retail banking. He took over the leadership role in mid 2006, after Misu Negritoiu had been named CEO of the bank.

Prior to joining ING Bank Romania, Roggemans served as director of retail service distribution at ING Bank’s business in Belgium.

“In only five years since the launch of the retail banking business, ING Bank reached a customer base of around 900,000 natural persons, due to the consumer confidence we enjoy. Meeting our clients’ needs by customizing the products and services we bring to them, has paved the way to a number of innovations in banking. We made a difference, ever since we entered the retail banking market, by launching a new concept, ING Self’Bank, a branch that enables the customer manage his personal finances while having access to specialized assistance”, said Roggemans at the event that marked the 15-anniversary of ING Bank Romania.

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