Midday Forex: Leu down vs euro

The benchmark exchange rate settled by the National Bank of Romania climbed to 4.2658 lei per euro, after the leu switched to a downtrend, on a market with low volatility, as the other emerging currencies in the region strengthened versus the euro, NewsIn informs.

NBR posted yesterday a benchmark exchange rate of 4.2579 lei per euro.

The leu traded between 4.26 and 4.2750 versus the euro today.

In the region, the zloty advanced from 4.1525 to 4.1321 per euro, while the forint fluctuated between 272.07 and 270.78 versus the euro.

For the U.S. dollar, NBR’s exchange rate rose 0.5 percent to 2.9014 lei per dollar, from 2.8873 in the previous session.

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