TopEstate launches the first online real estate index

Real estate portal today launched an online real estate index that determines the price of a property based on the median real estate value of the area or by comparing the median home value in a county with the country’s median home value, the total investment hovering near €80,000.
“The index is primarily aimed at serving as a tool for homebuyers to choose the best offer so as to know what the right price to negotiate is, in line with the budget they are they are committed to stick to”, said Mihai Stan, manager of

Thus, when the user goes into the homepage of each county, the real estate portal displays the median home price of the county, and a comparison with the country median home price.

If the user switches to search engine, the webpage will then display the median home price in selected area in comparison with the median home price in the county. When viewing a certain offer, the comparison will be made with other similar offers in the region. was launched in early May 2009 and comprises over 15,000 offers and has around 1,500 registered users.

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